Top Tracks: Will Varley – Seven Days

It still seems like 2018 has barely started, and yet January is already half over… where does the time go? That’s exactly the sentiment captured by the new song from acclaimed singer/songwriter Will Varley. ‘Seven Days’, taken from his forthcoming album Spirit Of Minnie out 9th February, speaks of all the wonderful moments that we let slip by when we get too absorbed in living and don’t put enough thought into thriving, into enjoying every step of the journey while we can. The song’s video takes the theme even further, as we follow along on an 8-bit adventure, sharing in  the landmark memories that make life remarkable. While the video may be in black and white, this vibrant folk favourite is sure to inject some colour in your life. Savour this song, before proceeding to savour each new day that life brings you.

Top Tracks: Will Varley – Statues

If you need a heartwarming track to help you snuggle up on these cold winter nights, then the latest single from singer/songwriter Will Varley is just what the doctor ordered. Taken from his upcoming album Spirit Of Minnie, out 9th February, ‘Statues’ is a laid back slice of Americana boasting a rich musical palette of airy slide guitar, quiet contemplative folk and Will’s gritty vocals. Lyrically it talks about feeling stuck in a particular place and time, longing for change, but should you find yourself stuck with this sublime song on repeat I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s the perfect song to get lost in and forget about life for a while, and there’s sure to be more great tracks just like it on the way in the new year.