Top Tracks: Ren – Willow

Many objects have what is called a resonant frequency. When they’re submitted to vibrations, such as sound waves, that match their unique frequency, they are amplified to sometimes destructive levels. It’s how opera singers can shatter wine glasses with just their voices; in a sense they sing in tune with the very essence of the glass so that it tears itself apart. I have a theory however that under the right circumstances, sound can do just the opposite. Sometimes a song like ‘Willow’ comes along and moves through you like it knows you better than you know yourself. It resonates with something deep within you, but rather than shake you apart and splinter your spirit, it pulls together the parts that were once broken and brings comfort and reassurance. The resplendent strings, gorgeous acoustic guitar and Ren’s soothing vocals make ‘Willow’ the kind of song that you don’t merely listen to, but rather you feel each note in every fibre of your being.

Top Tracks: Junaco – Willow

You know those times when a whole season seems to pass you by in a single day? Every time you look out the window the weather is doing something different. You see your surroundings change so starkly in such a short space of time, see a different side to them in dreary drizzle, blue skies, or golden sunsets. I get that same feeling from this new single from LA duo Junaco. The aptly named ‘Willow’ has the uncanny ability to shift and bend into whatever shape the pair will it. The dark, gothic folk opening becomes slowly imbued with bright melodies, warm Americana guitar tones begin to ring out, before they change things up even further by swapping vocal duties and throwing some jangly indie pop guitar and expressive drums into the mix. All this variety, this spectrum of emotions, yet all connected by a single unifying thread.