Album Review: Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

EverythingEverythingEverything Everything – Get To Heaven

Art Rock | Indie Pop | Electronica


Looking at the artwork, this album does exactly what it says on the tin. It is striking and bizarre, it is a vibrant kaleidoscope and it claws at you relentlessly. Get To Heaven is a sensory overload, the band have crammed as much as humanly possible into every song. Sadly for every stroke of genius that leaves you dizzy with wonder there is a moment that gets on every last nerve and rubs you the wrong way. On ‘Warm Healer’ the light angelic vocals are sprinkled over an intricate bass line, whereas on ‘Distant Past’ during the verses it sounds like Peter Gabriel is drunkenly trying to sing a Dizzy Rascal song at karaoke. ‘Regret’ would have been a mesmerising standout track if it weren’t for the backing vocals repeating the title of the song over and over.

This yin yang relationship even continues in the lyrics, with ‘No Reptiles’ featuring both the irritatingly ridiculous line “It’s alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair” as well as the vaguely poetic line “just give me this one night, one night to feel like I might be on the right path”. This album is pure buckshot, it just goes full pelt in every direction. The genius and the irritating cancel each other out and you are thankfully left with a group of talented musicians who know how to write a damn good hook. I just wish they’d tone things down a bit and think about what they’re doing. Less is more.