Album Review: Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves

nothing but thievesNothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves

Hard Rock


This quintet from Southend are quickly becoming one of the world’s hottest new rock acts. Vocalist Conor Mason undoubtedly steals the limelight with a soaring falsetto that puts Matt Bellamy to shame. Pair that with the slick bombastic riffs and the band have found a winning combination. Tracks from their earlier EPs such as ‘Wake Up Call’ and ‘Itch’ carry the album and have been working their way up any rock playlist worth listening to. Although the band are at their best working with no nonsense arena anthems, there’s still a fair bit of range to their debut. The driving beat of ‘Hostage’ has an 80s flair and the band show their soft side with ‘Lover, Please Stay’ which channels Jeff Buckley. There’s certainly a few filler tracks, but there’s enough killer tracks here to earn a place among my list of albums of the year. They know how to write a big accessible hit and they have more than enough talent to throw the rule book out the window and create something grand on their next album. There are few new rock bands that do such a good job of flying the flag for British music, and I for one salute them for it.