Spotlight!: Dan Owen

dan owen

With a gritty voice reminiscent of a young John Fogerty, Shrewsbury bluesman Dan Owen immediately captures your attention. His rendition of the blues standard ‘Little Red Rooster’ sounds unnatural coming from someone so young, like he’s the reincarnation of some whisky-soaked troubadour from the Mississippi Delta. His raw and rustic voice is suited not only to the furious foot-stompers, but also to the softer ballads. Tracks like ‘Splinter’ and ‘Riding Out This Storm’ are full of emotion and relentlessly tug at your heartstrings. He already has Mick Fleetwood among his famous fans, and if he carries on releasing music of this calibre then I’m sure his name will soon be on everyone’s lips.

Lovers of blues, country, folk and voices that make your hair stand on end should check out his debut EP ‘Bad for Me’.