Album Review: Holy Holy – When the Storms Would Come

HolyHolyAlbumCoverHoly Holy – When the Storms Would Come

Indie Rock


We currently live in the era of Indie. Whilst the genre is mostly dominated by British bands, 2015 has been an excellent year for Australian music. Antipodean outfit Holy Holy are flying the flag with one of the best Indie albums of the year. They have taken the time to carefully craft the album and have fine-tuned it to make it the best it could possibly be. This is a debut album… most bands go their whole musical career without making an album as good as this. If they carry on to make music of this calibre they’ll leave the rest of the scene in their wake.

Storms is energetic, it’s uplifting, it’s a grandiose statement of a band living up to their full potential. It’s full great tracks, but the two highlights are most definitely “You Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog” and “Pretty Strays for Hopeless Lovers”. They are neck and neck for best guitar solo of the year, both so different yet so equally stirring. The former is bright and intense like the band going supernova and the latter is in slick bursts with a tone that reminds me a bit of Dire Straits. Sure, the album is slightly too long and there is a little bit of filler, but the vocals, the lyrics, the guitars, the synths, the artwork, the production and in fact just about everything about this band is on top form. They are without a shadow of a doubt the best Australian band, and that kinda worries me. I worry that word won’t get round to the rest of the world of their new greatest export.