Album Review: BB King – Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr BB King

bb king reviewBB King – Ladies and Gentlemen… Mr BB King



It is a tragic twist of fate that just as the blues are making a triumphant come-back, BB King, quite possibly the genre’s greatest figurehead, passes away. He was one of the greatest guitarists of all time with a powerful voice to match and has continually been one of the most influential musicians in the world for around 75 years. This remastered collection features some of his finest performances including ‘The Thrill is Gone’, ‘Chains and Things’ and ‘Ghetto Woman’. His shimmering, passionate vibratos are peerless. No one lived and breathed the blues as much as he did and few musicians are so dedicated to their artistry.

Whilst previous releases have been far too expansive for all but the most dedicated fans, this latest vinyl edition retrospective has cherry picked the most essential tracks of his long illustrious career. It is the perfect middle ground to appeal equally to the layman and the fanatic. The music has mixed to the highest quality; his “talking blues” and his signature guitar Lucille have never sounded so crisp and slick. Compilations such as this will surely introduce a whole new generation to this legendary musical icon. I have a feeling that although he is sadly no longer with us, BB King will carry on inspiring people for many years to come.