Terrorist attack at concert in Paris

Photo credit: Ian Langsdon

Photo credit: Ian Langsdon

An Eagles of Death Metal concert at the Bataclan Concert Hall  was one of the targets of a number of simultaneous attacks across Paris. Reports state that 8 gunmen took members of the crowd hostage and killed without hesitation. Explosions and mass shootings have thought to have occurred with the death toll currently at least 100 people. The band themselves have apparently escaped the carnage. Though the concert seems to be at the epicentre, there have been reports of similar attacks at restaurants, bars and the Stade de France football stadium. The nation has declared a state of emergency and has closed it’s borders.

Our thoughts go out to the people of Paris and updates on the situation will be posted as it develops

Edit: The death toll has risen to 120. 200 people are injured, 80 of them seriously. Eight attackers have died, seven of which by explosive suicide belts.