Album Review: ClayToRide – Glass Vessels

claytorideClayToRide – Glass Vessels

Alternative | Indie Rock


This oddly named Italian indie band have avoided the pitfalls of the tricky second album and have a clear idea of who they want to be. They’ve drawn influence from Indie and Grunge, and there are even hints of post-hardcore. They’ve condensed their ideas into a short sharp album and have steered clear of lacklustre filler tracks. ‘Lords of the Night’ wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kings of Leon album and the surreal intro of ‘Lady Mania’ reminds me of Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’. The album ends on a high note with the band pushing themselves to their musical limit on ‘Bologna’, a dark track with an intricate rhythm section and bursts of echoing guitar.

There are a few small issues, most obvious of which being the somewhat uninviting album artwork. The lyrics and vocals need a fair bit of work to reach the anthemic levels of their idols, but when you bear in mind that guitarist/vocalist Stefano Sartori isn’t singing in his first language, he is doing an admirable job. Musically they are a talented bunch and have created a layered wall of sound that is aided by good mixing and production. The band are dedicated and hardworking and they have a rough diamond in ‘Glass Vessels’. With a few more years to hone their sound and expand their fan base they have a good chance of being a shimmering success story.