Album Review: Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

coldplay albumColdplay – A Head Full of Dreams



Coldplay have never been the most interesting band in the world, but on some of their previous albums they have been saved somewhat by appealing aesthetics. Viva La Vida had it’s revolutionary France motif and Mylo Xyloto had it’s inviting pastel colour palette and the light up wristbands for the live performances. There’s no such saving grace here, even guest appearances from Beyoncé and Noel Gallagher aren’t enough. As kaleidoscopic as the (stolen) artwork is, what lies within is the musical equivalent of the colour beige. It captures your attention about as much as a postage stamp sized billboard. With each new album Coldplay become more and more bland and uninteresting. It’s time for either a major rethink or to call it quits.