Album Review: Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

coldplay albumColdplay – A Head Full of Dreams



Coldplay have never been the most interesting band in the world, but on some of their previous albums they have been saved somewhat by appealing aesthetics. Viva La Vida had it’s revolutionary France motif and Mylo Xyloto had it’s inviting pastel colour palette and the light up wristbands for the live performances. There’s no such saving grace here, even guest appearances from Beyoncé and Noel Gallagher aren’t enough. As kaleidoscopic as the (stolen) artwork is, what lies within is the musical equivalent of the colour beige. It captures your attention about as much as a postage stamp sized billboard. With each new album Coldplay become more and more bland and uninteresting. It’s time for either a major rethink or to call it quits.


5 thoughts on “Album Review: Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams

  1. I expected this to be more attention-grabbing. Even the subdued Ghost Stories was more atteniton-grabbing than this. The first single is nice, but I spinned this 2 or 3 times and nothing got stuck. That’s not a good sign. Your review is very brief but helped me understand why this didn’t capture me.


    • I usually have a bit more to say in my reviews but this album didn’t have all that many talking points. I think perhaps it was a bit rushed, hence the lack of cohesion and purpose. I have nothing against Coldplay, but even as a non-fan I can tell that they certainly aren’t at their best here. But thanks for reading and sharing your views 🙂


  2. Interesting view on this album – has it grown on you at all since you posted? I went to see Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams live at Wembley last week and have to say, the material live in a stadium is certainly much better. I must admit I do prefer the older stuff like Yellow, The Scientist, Shiver, See You Soon etc, but a bit of Paradise, Sky Full of Stars and Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (and of course Fix You) live is amazing.


    • I’m not a Coldplay fan. I have nothing against them per se I simply don’t find them very interesting. Perhaps if they had taken more risks and experimented more it would be a different story. The lead single ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ has grown on me but as a whole I still feel like it was one of the band’s worst albums. Though I haven’t seen them live I certainly believe you when you say that they sound better in a stadium performance. It’s a similar case with Muse I think; they struggle to make a consistently good album but excel in a live setting. If I saw them live or explored their back catalogue in more depth I would probably have a greater appreciation of them and would given the review more thought. Sadly though the fact is that at the moment there is an awful lot of music out there that I would rather listen to.

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