Album Review: Coasts – Coasts

coasts-albumCoasts – Coasts

Indie Pop


Coasts appeared in the public eye in June of 2014 with their feel good anthem ‘Oceans’ which formed part of the soundtrack to many peoples’ summer. Fast forward to the present day and the band have made very little progress as far as their debut album is concerned. It plays like an old school single; first up you have the big hit followed by a bunch of B-sides. Coasts seem obsessed with trying to perfectly replicate their big hit instead progressing as a band. It’s like scrambling round where you found a stray nugget in the hope of starting a gold mine; if you want to really hit gold you have put the work in. Just download the big hit and forget about the rest. Unless something drastic changes they’re gonna follow in the footsteps of Bastille and Imagine Dragons and be a one hit wonder.