Album Review: Seafret – Tell Me It’s Real

seafretSeafret – Tell Me It’s Real



The Bridlington based folk duo of Jack Sedman and Harry Draper certainly have a seaside vibe about them. As well as the suitably coastal name and origins, and the fact that their biggest hits are the gorgeous ‘Oceans’ and ‘Atlantis’, their music transports you to a solemn shore. When listening to their simple yet powerful songs you can’t help but picture yourself strolling down a beach at sunset, staring wistfully at the breaking waves. The captivating songwriting and Sedman’s passionate vocals create something truly bittersweet; clouds of heartbreak with just enough hope shining through. It’s impossible not to be moved by them.

Though Tell Me It’s Real has plenty of songs that pull at your heartstrings, as an album it sadly feels like it’s missing something. With Seafret’s simplistic formula the album can start to feel a bit repetitive, which would have been remedied if they had gone for quality over quantity. At the conclusion we find two songs that add something new, and perhaps show Seafret’s future. The expanded sound of ‘There’s a Light’ and Rosie Carney’s guest vocals on ‘To The Sea’ end the album on a high note. I’d like to see them be a bit more cohesive and continue to expand their sound on future releases, but Seafret are certainly off to a great start.