Album Review: MONEY – Suicide Songs

suicide songsMONEY – Suicide Songs

Alternative Rock | Post Punk


MONEY are a swirling crucible of wide ranging influences. The subtle Indian vibes of album opener ‘I Am The Lord’ are reminiscent of The Velvet Underground, the superbly titled ‘You Look Like a Sad Painting On Both Sides Of The Sky’ has a fair share of Jeff Buckley, and Jamie Lee’s vocals on ‘A Cocaine Christmas And An Alcoholic’s New Year’ share more than a passing resemblance with Shane MacGowan of The Pogues. The overall vibe of the album as a whole is best compared to fellow mancunians The Smiths: Bleak yet beautiful. There is profound beauty and comfort to be found in sadness. Being so dark it may not be an album to listen to on a daily basis, but it’s a gorgeous place to get lost in once in a while.

But to talk simply about comparisons with other artists does the band a disservice. Jamie Lee is one of the finest lyricists of his generation, perhaps of any generation. And though his words might not be the most uplifting, their musical surroundings certainly are. The grand and hopeful music is most evident in the album’s two finest songs; ‘I’ll Be The Night’ and ‘All My Life’, the latter all but brought a tear to my eye. It’s a kind of album that I didn’t think existed any more, and one that will sadly for the most part pass under the radar. I feel as though people will look back on Suicide Songs long after the band has burnt out and one day appreciate it as a masterpiece.