Spotlight!: Eryn Allen Kane

eryn allen kane

Soul music has started making a long overdue comeback. In it’s heyday it was some of the most powerful and emotional music ever recorded, so it’s no surprise that a new generation of talented people are trying to relive the glory days. One such rising star is this Detroit born singer/songwriter. She started out just writing simple arrangements, with percussion on laundry baskets and singing the parts of other instruments, working towards the day when she had a real band behind her. Her spellbinding voice on songs like ‘Honey’ and ‘Slipping’ and her compelling lyrics on ‘Have Mercy’ and ‘How Many Times’ make her one of the most enchanting new singers around. She was even personally chosen by Prince to provide vocals on his protest song ‘Baltimore’, and there are few recommendations better than that!

Any fans of Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone should definitely check out Eryn’s two Aviary EPs.