Album Review: Wintersleep – The Great Detachment

wintersleeptgdWintersleep – The Great Detachment

Indie Rock | Americana


The Great Detachment was my first foray into the world of Wintersleep, and considering the simple yet striking album artwork and the fact that it featured Geddy Lee of Rush on ‘Territories’ I had high hopes. It didn’t take me long to feel disappointed. There is heaps of wasted potential on display here that just seems to lead nowhere. The album consists almost entirely of bog standard indie fare, it’s unimaginative and uninteresting. It’s not that the album itself is bad, it’s just thoroughly average, it never dares to take risks or try something new. The songs are plenty likeable, but nowhere near loveable, there’s nothing here that would get stuck in your head or make your heart sing. The closest we get to finding something worth sticking around for is ‘Shadowless’; the gentle arrangement is a nice change of pace and the track builds nicely, though there is still much to be improved. On the whole the band just seem to orbit round the idea of making something great but are never all that inclined to act on it.