Album Review: Sunset Sons – Very Rarely Say Die

sunset sonsSunset Sons – Very Rarely Say Die

Rock | Indie Pop


This Anglo-aussie four piece have rapidly been gathering momentum over the last couple of years. Essentially a poor man’s Kings of Leon they have the perfect formula for feel good summer rock anthems. There’s nothing ground-breaking here and the band clearly know it, but in a way you just don’t care. In small doses their music injects a welcome bit of fun into your life. This is a band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, they just want to make people smile and have fun doing it. It’s hard not to feel like the day is just a little bit brighter when you hear tracks like ‘Remember’, ‘Somewhere Maybe’ and ‘On The Road’. The bright keys and Rory Williams warm husky vocals are what really carries their sound. As a debut album I feel like it needs work. The track list seems a bit slapdash with far too many filler tracks and some of their best EP tracks like ‘Medicine’ being sadly absent. The album isn’t exactly gutsy, the songs are a bit formulaic, but cherry pick the best bits from their debut and it’s bound to make your life a little bit better.