Album Review: The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect

the last shadow puppetsThe Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect

Baroque Pop | Indie Rock


Hardcore Arctic Monkeys fans have been waiting for a second album from frontman Alex Turner’s side project with Miles Kane pretty much ever since The Age of the Understatement came out 8 years ago. I think the lads have waited until the opportune moment to release a follow up as Everything features the same slick Californian production that helped propel AM into the stratosphere. This is in many ways an older and wiser album, having more in common with Turner’s 2010 Submarine soundtrack than most of his other work. A lush orchestral sound persists throughout and gives it a 60s vibe not unlike Sgt Pepper or Pet Sounds. Tracks like ‘Miracle Aligner’ and ‘The Dream Synopsis’ show Alex Turner’s softer romantic side as well as his trademark lyrical wizardry and masterful storytelling.

All of this album’s plus points are the work of Turner, much as the album’s negatives are down to Kane. No matter how much they may say to the contrary this is not a “supergroup”, Miles Kane has just tagged along for the ride. His contribution seems to dumb down the music, and worse of all the lyrics, to sometimes cringe worthy levels. He’s like a musical leech wearing away at his far more talented host. Rather than being everything I’ve come to expect, I instead find that I expected more. Had Alex Turner taken far more creative control then this would be a much more diverting listen, instead it stands simply as something to tide over hardcore fans until the next proper Arctic Monkeys album.