Album Review: Overhead, The Albatross – Learning To Growl

overhead the albatrossOverhead, The Albatross – Learning To Growl

Ambient | Progressive Rock


“Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air”. The opening line of one of Pink Floyd’s grandest compositions: ‘Echoes’. It is a bold statement for this Irish band to name themselves after such a striking line from such an important song, but having listened to their instrumental debut they are well deserving to wear the name. Learning to Growl boasts having a wide and eclectic range but manages to flow with the utmost ease in true Pink Floyd fashion. There is no way to possibly choose a single song, or even a brief snapshot, as a highlight. Each track is just as diverse and arresting in it’s own right that each song is a world of it’s own that all adds up to create something greater.

Soaring orchestral scores, atmospheric electronica, bright indie guitar, sparse and peaceful piano and even blisteringly complex progressive metal all have an equal share in the grand journey that this album follows. From the slow build of ‘Indie Rose’ right until the final drum beats of ‘Big River Man’ you simply can’t shake the feeling that this is a work of art. If paired with vocals and lyrics on par with the incredible musicianship then this would be a contender for album of the year. However it’s probably not a move worth making, I wouldn’t dare risk polluting the crystal clear waters that this mesmerising instrumental album has blessed us with.