Album Review: Spring King – Tell Me If You Like To

Spring King - Tell Me If You Like ToSpring King – Tell Me If You Like To

Indie Rock | Garage Rock


The weight of expectation is a heavy cross to bear. With their song ‘City’ being the first song ever played on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio, music gurus across the globe have been putting money on them to be a huge success. In the lead up to the release of their debut it seemed like a safe bet as the band’s singles were very promising. The feedback fuelled thrill ride of ‘Who Are You?’ and it’s curious sax solo and the riffage of ‘Rectifier’ have been in heavy rotation. The band’s energetic live performances and their appearance on Jools Holland only fanned the hype flames. Sadly their debut isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

The album is carried by it’s singles and I’m sad to report that the rest of the tracks seem to mostly be filler. They don’t have the same energy or sense of adventure that I had been expecting, they just feel like the band taking a long rest to prepare themselves for the next interesting track. I was hoping for something more risky, more experimental and all together more rough around the edges. Perhaps the songs have been polished up too much in the studio and extinguished the fire they once had. I’ve no doubt that the band will live on to fight another day based solely on the strength of their singles, but it won’t take long until the album itself is forgotten about.

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