Album Review: Jonny Carroll – Leaving On The Light

jonny carrollJonny Carroll – Leaving On The Light

Pop | Folk | Americana


The mantra that Jonny Carroll lives by – “pop hook, folk heart” – does a good job of summing up his debut album. Living somewhere in between Ryan Adams and the softer side of Daughtry he can produce hit after hit but still maintain the integrity of a singer/songwriter. His voice is akin to Passenger or Jamie Lawson but, whilst he dabbles with being an acoustic troubadour on tracks such as the heartfelt storytelling of ‘February’, for the most part he has a far richer and fuller sound. Album highlight ‘When I’m Alive’ is a slice of gold standard Americana that many more experienced musicians would kill to have written. The slow build from it’s simple intro, the dramatic splashes of harmonica and the sudden burst of drums all come together to create one the most compelling songs of the year.

My only concern with this album is it’s length. Whilst I’m a big advocate for quality over quantity I think that being just short of half an hour and only slightly longer than his debut EP The Willow is pushing it a bit. I would have liked a couple more tracks of the same high standard to give his fans a bit more value for money. The fact is though that if your only criticism of someone’s music is that there’s not enough of it you know that they are on the right track. With his infectious melodies and honest lyrics Jonny Carroll is destined for bigger things and if there’s any justice in the world his music will get the platform and acclaim it so richly deserves.