Spotlight!: r e l

r e l

This budding young alternative pop singer/songwriter is already making waves in her native Los Angeles. Her heartfelt and edgy “evoca-pop” carries a deeper message and a greater diversity which by all counts sounds like the future of what pop music should sound like. Tracks like the haphazard ‘Factory’ which deals with conformity in modern society and ‘Growing Pains’ which talks about facing change and overcoming insecurity carry exactly the kind of message that the world needs right now. With her narratives draped over a backdrop of electronica and subtle R&B, r e l has a wisdom and self assuredness of someone far older and more experienced. She may have a long way still to go but the future is bright for this rising star and if she keeps things up for her upcoming debut album then it’s surely only a matter of time before she’s topping the charts.

Fans of Lorde, Halsey, Grimes and Rationale should check her out on SoundCloud

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