Album Review: Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride

Catfish-and-the-Bottlemen-The-RideCatfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride

Indie Rock


With their 2014 debut album The Balcony turning out to be a slow burning sensation and their electrifying live performances getting the youth of the nation singing along with every word, the Catfish lads have been one of the best new bands in Britain’s indie scene. With their latest album I had hoped that they would press forward and take the next step towards being the next big thing. Sadly, whether due to it’s quick turnaround, the curse of the second album or some other cause, The Ride crumbles under the weight of expectation. With the sole exception of lead single ‘Soundcheck’ the album simply doesn’t have the same winning big indie ballad formula that won over their legions of fans.

A big part of the problem is that it sounds like a collection of demos and b sides that have been dusted off for release, like the Amnesiac to The Balcony‘s Kid A.  Even the artwork seems like a rehash; the same white on black design  with the band logo in the top corner. Instead of kicking things up a notch they have toned things down and taken a big step backwards. I started listening, willing with every breath that the band would make an even better album and I left feeling disappointed. More time and effort is needed for the band’s next album to pick things up from where they left off.