Album Review: Player Piano – Radio Love

Player-PianoPlayer Piano – Radio Love

Indie Rock | Alternative


From the outset it is clear that Radio Love is one of the top contenders for album artwork of the year, the question is whether you can judge an album by it’s cover? In this instance I would say yes, the music contained within is about as vibrant, bizarre and out of this world as it’s cover suggests. Player Piano, the moniker of singer/songwriter Jeremy Radway, is first and foremost determined on keeping David Bowie’s spirit alive with this debut album. The title track could well be a forgotten treasure from the Hunky Dory days and ‘Baby Gets Down’ feels like a reimagining of ‘Suffragette City’. This album draws from all the right places, whether it’s the John Lennon-esque beginning of ‘Beneath the Underdog’ or the clear Arcade Fire influences on ‘My Name Will Be a Myth’.

There are a few moments where the album creates a world of it’s own. They exist on the two opposite ends of the spectrum; the simple balladry of ‘Going Home’ and the psychedelic funk of ‘Kings and Queens’. I can’t help but hope that that these tracks are a hint of things to come. Whilst Player Piano plays around deftly with a range of influences I feel like he’s yet to find his own unique style in amongst it all. This is very much an artist still finding their feet and creating their identity. I wouldn’t call this album essential listening but this is certainly someone to watch as there could be something big on the way.