Spotlight!: Laura Roy

Laura Roy Press Photo.jpg

From humble yet determined origins selling her music out of her backpack during lunch breaks at school, this Canadian singer/songwriter is set to make her mark on the world. Having learnt from some of the best writers and producers around she is already adept at crafting intoxicating pop hits. Tracks such as ‘Bright Lights’, ‘Full Moon’ and ‘Plastic’ blend together slick and refined electropop with smooth and engaging R&B to create a divine mix that swirls round your mind for days on end. Laura’s music has all the catchy hooks you’d expect from a chart topping hit but with a great deal more heart and artistry. It’s rare to find such shamelessly infectious pop with real soul and meaning behind it, yet here we find a rising young star making pop music that matters.

Fans of Chvrches, Oh Wonder and M83 should check out her eponymous debut EP