Spotlight!: Kyle Britton

Kyle Britton

There’s something devilishly intriguing about the music on offer from this alternative singer/songwriter. The combination of dark folk undertones, the soft country twang and the sinister strings create a sound unlike anyone else, as though it has drifted through from some alternate reality. ‘Fire Walker’ dances around a haphazard bass line, ‘Villain’ could well be the theme song of some roguish desperado from a spaghetti western, whilst ‘Riddle’ is a wild cinematic ride all in itself thanks to the vivid pictures painted by the lyrics. With so much music in the world it’s rare to find an artist whose body of work is so unique and invigorating. Anyone whose music compels me to waltz through the streets whilst daydreaming about being some Victorian scoundrel gets a tick in my books. That is how you can pinpoint exceptional music, not only can you relate it to your own life, but it can also whisk you away to another world and leave it all behind.

Fans of Ryan Adams, Eaves, Lanterns on the Lake and Blackberry Smoke should check out his debut EP Riddle.