Album Review: The Amazing – Ambulance

The-Amazing-AmbulanceThe Amazing – Ambulance

Alternative Rock | Indie Rock | Psychedelic Rock


Having been recorded over just a few days, and heavily relying on improvisation, this Swedish band have created what feels like a poignant vignette of a fragile moment in time. Ambulance is an exceptionally elegant offering that floats adrift in a sea of wistful reverie. It captures the beautiful expansive soundscapes of Bon Iver, the complex psychedelica of Tame Impala and expresses the same inexplicably endearing bittersweet nature that I thought The National had a monopoly on. It is an album that pulls you in and refuses to let go, leaving you feeling like you’re trying in vain to hang on to the final tendrils of a fading memory.

The gentle ‘Floating’ is the perfect soundtrack for a contemplative cruise, the sinister bass and trippy guitar of ‘Blair Drager’ feels like a mind altering experience and standout song ‘Tracks’ is the album’s most ambitious work creating a cascading river of sound. The only downside to the album is that for the most part the lyrics remain a mystery as the band place a greater emphasis on the music. Their work has clearly paid off as Ambulance is one of the most moving albums of the year. It pairs technical proficiency with raw emotion and ends up forming a profound connection. I’m sure that this album will have a fair few plays in the near future and it’s music may well remain a comforting companion for years to come.