Album Review: Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well

black foxxesBlack Foxxes – I’m Not Well

Alternative Rock | Indie Rock | Post Hardcore


There is a wide range of music that I love that has clearly influenced I’m Not Well. Lead single ‘Husk’ is like a forgotten slice of Wasting Light era Foo Fighters and the latter half of ‘Pines’ feels like the spine tingling final moments of Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’. Remarkably it’s not these snippets of artists I love that make this album special, but the ones I hate. There are clear elements of post hardcore in Mark Holley’s vocals which is one of the few genres that I thoroughly abhor, yet I find myself lured in deeper rather than scared away. On tracks such as ‘Whatever Let’s You Cope’ and ‘River’, Holley’s tortured vocals are formed of pure raw emotion and exhilarating energy. For this reason alone it is one of the albums of the year as it’s rare to find music to challenge one’s preconceptions.

Do yourself a favour and be sure to give this album your full attention. The tortuous nuances of the music are truly impressive and the overarching narratives about mental health give I’m Not Well real drive and purpose. Greater than the sum of it’s parts it’s an album that you feel in every nerve and fibre rather than just simply listen to. It captures the best of alternative rock from the 90s and beyond but doesn’t come close to feeling like a rehash of old ideas, this is something new and exciting and definitely worth experiencing. Alongside Belwood favourites Wolf Alice, Black Foxxes are clear contenders to become one of the most important British bands in a long time.