Top Tracks: FOXTRAX – Underwater

These New York natives may have written their debut EP in a remote cabin in the woods, but despite the creative isolation they have kept their finger on the pulse. The band’s lead single ‘Underwater’ features some bright indie guitar work that many more established bands would be envious of. Having only been together as a band for a short while they have made remarkable progress, both musically and with their ever growing fanbase. Many indie bands struggle to make music of this calibre and yet here we find FOXTRAX have managed to capture the magic between just the three of them. The band have set their ambitions high and have clearly made a great start on their winding, fox-trodden path to greatness. Unlike the pesky mirages that plague frontman Ben Schneid in their desert roaming music video, this power trio certainly aren’t going to fade away any time soon.

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