Top Tracks: Joshua Luke Smith – Becoming Human

We have all suffered our fair share of slings and arrows in our lifetimes, whether inflicted by others, by the cruel hands of fate, or by our own making. In your day to day life you will pass countless people enduring unspoken struggles seemingly without respite. Joshua Luke Smith, one of the most profound and inspirational young wordsmiths of his generation, has released a powerful new track in partnership with Samaritans to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day. His moving spoken word track ‘Being Human’ focuses on what we all have in common, rather than our petty differences. It spreads a message of strength through togetherness, of holding each other up and standing together come what may rather than dragging each other down. It teaches to love unrestrained and feel connected to those we make take for granted. Joshua’s passion, empathy and understanding make this the perfect track for such an important cause.