Top Tracks: Marga Lane – Thinking About You

Multi-instrumental singer/songwriter Marga Lane creates divine soul with such grace and finesse that it almost seems effortless. A former graduate of the world renowned Berklee College of Music, she has worked hard to create her upcoming Motown inspired EP Undressed, due for release December 2nd. The striking simplicity of ‘Thinking About You’ highlights her immense talent and keen ear for a great melody. Consisting of a simple guitar line and Marga’s sublime vocals it is a refreshing breath of fresh air to the often overproduced world of modern R&B. This track looks back at the roots of great soul music and sees the irresistible appeal of an incredible voice and a hopeful message of love. Sometimes less is more, and with such heavenly vocals Marga Lane is undoubtedly someone that the world needs more of.