Spotlight!: Banana High

banana-highOne of the best ways to become a truly influential and captivating band is to master a wide range of styles and genres and flick between them with the greatest of ease. As you can imagine that is a lot easier said than done, but Banana High are certainly on the right track. Their music is the curious lovechild of ska and post-hardcore, combining two very different genres to create something truly unique. The reggae infused tracks like ‘Little Time Away’ and ‘People Make Money (Make The World Go Round)’ have an irresistibly danceable groove and the band’s aesthetic is full of carefree fun. Songs like ‘Still In Disguise’ with it’s gritty yet slick harmonies and ‘All That We Are’ with it’s complex rhythms showcase the band’s darker side. On paper this combination shouldn’t work but yet here we are! It certainly helps matters that the band show a very high standard of musicianship, particularly the virtuoso guitar work that in places has subtle hints of flamenco. With a second EP on the way later this year we can all look forward to more of Banana High’s fascinating musical fusion.

Fans of The Specials, Lonely The Brave, Madness and Mallory Knox should check out their debut EP Join The Evolution.