Album Review: Soft Ledges – Soft Ledges

soft-ledgesSoft Ledges – Soft Ledges

Alternative Rock


I’m always appreciative of bands that pride themselves in being diverse, and Chicago’s Soft Ledges are just such a band. Their eponymous debut kicks off with great panache with the dark and dramatic blues of standout track ‘La Niña’. The duo also deal out heartfelt melancholy in the piano driven ‘Orion’, dabble with haunting post punk on ‘Deer Fly Blues’ and prove to be adept at raw and honest folk with ‘Long Way to the Ground’, with each new style seemingly coming to them as natural as breathing. There’s something here for everyone and the album packs a far bigger punch, both musically and emotionally, than a lot of albums released this year from more established acts. It is a bold and confident record with a greater depth than you would generally expect from a duo.

Naturally with a first release there are bound to be a few teething problems, most prominent of which being the somewhat uninviting artwork and the inexplicably disjointed feel of ‘Tear Me Down’. Many of the little, less noticeable “rough around the edges” moments in the album can be put down to production. As with many new bands all that is needed to give their music a new lease of life is someone with a good ear and the right knowhow to polish up the songs just right and do them justice. Production aside the band have delivered an enviable debut that serves as a rock solid foundation from which to build their sound. Soft Ledges have the talent and it won’t take much to get this diamond in the rough shining bright for all to see.