Album Review: Celeb Car Crash – People Are the Best Show

celeb-car-crashCeleb Car Crash – People Are the Best Show

Alternative Rock | Hard Rock | Heavy Metal


With bands such as Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age currently on hiatus, things have been unnaturally quiet in the hard rock camp. Now is the perfect chance for Celeb Car Crash to take a turn in the spotlight and in turn bring some attention to the Italian rock scene. Their latest album ranges from husky hard rock akin to Audioslave on ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’, to high-octane Coheed style alternative rock on ‘Let Me In’. It even ventures near metal territory with the ferocious riffs and brutal bass tones of ‘Murder Party’. The closing track ‘Nearly In Bloom’, with it’s organ laden intro and hidden piano section at the end (spoiler alert), came as a pleasant surprise. It makes a nice change of pace and closes the album in a classy and sophisticated manner.

Perhaps most importantly People Are the Best Show is well thought through and dependable. Many bands can make big hits yet struggle when it comes to albums, but this release maintains a consistent high standard. That high standard can be both a blessing and a curse. As a result the album contains relatively few standout “WOW” moments even though you would struggle to pick out faults with it musically. My only real misgivings are with the unappealing artwork and the occasional loss of diction in the vocals. With this release there is a palpable sensation that the band are teetering on the verge of creating something brilliant to make the world stand up and take notice.