Album Review: Ender & Valentine – Siofra

ender-and-valentineEnder & Valentine – Siofra

Indie Pop | Electropop


Beneath the visually stunning artwork we find here something of a rarity; a pop album with ambition. I for one have always had a soft spot for acts that use everything available to them to try to create a bigger picture, and there are hints of that ideal at work here. This debut album from Brooklyn duo Alex Crous and Nadya Grace is inspired by classic campfire ghost stories and tales of haunted houses. As well as this recurring theme we have plenty of flashes of pop perfection. ‘Fade Out’ is a slick and purposeful hit, the acoustic track ‘The Devil Tries To Hide’ makes a nice change of pace and adds plenty of heart and authenticity, and throughout the album the duo’s vocals compliment each other as if it were their destiny to make music together.

As can often be expected with a debut album the band have a few kinks to work out on future releases. Although Siofra ventures into indie hit territory it doesn’t end up being a permanent resident, there are a few filler tracks to contend with. The overarching haunted theme feels underdeveloped and I’d hope for a clearer narrative on future records, but the fact that it’s there to begin with is highly commendable. For the most part the album is a rousing success, it just feels like Ender & Valentine are still finding their feet and creating their sound. They are surely headed in the right direction and it’s not hard to imagine a future release of theirs encroaching on album of the year territory once they have made themselves comfortable within their unique brand of progressive electropop.