Top Tracks: King Washington – My Reflection

With bold and cinematic tracks such as ‘My Reflection’ at their disposal it’s no surprise that LA natives King Washington are quickly becoming one of the hottest indie bands around. This latest single from their aptly named upcoming album Potential, out 27th January, puts a new twist on their signature sun-drenched 60s/70s musical aesthetic. With hints of psychedelica and layered electronic beats it bears some of the hallmarks of bands such as The Stone Roses and Primal Scream, albeit combined with the band’s own soaring harmonies and artful blues-tinged guitar tones. This combination of styles makes for a fresh and invigorating sound that will see the band populating people’s playlists in no time. King Washington are constantly evolving and it would be worth your while to try and keep pace with them, as one day soon they could well be at the forefront of the indie scene.