Album Review: After Crash – #LOSTMEMORIES

after-crashAfter Crash – #LOSTMEMORIES

Dream Pop | Electronica | Synth Pop


Imagine a distant future where the only remnants of the world today are a few 90s dream pop records that have become revered, that have been emulated and augmented by the finest digital music makers of the time. That’s the backstory that played out in my mind when I first heard the opening track ‘We Leave’ from the new release by this dynamic duo. The combination of that classic “shoegaze” sound with atmospheric electronica isn’t something we hear perhaps as often as we should, but After Crash saw that gap in the market and they have quickly snapped up a monopoly on it. Tracks like ‘Texture in Pectore’ and album closer ‘Transports’ strike a perfect balance between the two styles. Normally I’m an advocate for quality over quantity but this album leaves me wanting more.

The main issue that surrounds this release is the same Achilles heel that affects almost all instrumental acts. They’ve spent so long getting their music perfect that when they try to add vocals into the mix they just sound out of place. Whether sung or sampled, clean or distorted, the snippets of vocals add nothing to the album and undeservedly draw attention away from the musicianship. It may at times stray too far into the electronic end of the spectrum for my liking, but even so these are some of the most arresting soundscapes of the year. There is great potential here if they find a voice worthy of their intriguing sound.