Album Review: Delicate Steve – This Is Steve

delicate-steveDelicate Steve – This Is Steve

Instrumental Rock


Don’t let the cheesy artwork fool you, Steve is one talented guy. There are few instrumentalists out there who can say they have worked with everyone from David Byrne to Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala to Paul Simon. His latest album is an instrumental tour de force showcasing his musical talents, having played and produced everything himself. Steve has the uncanny ability to pen catchy and memorable instrumental tracks in a way that few can. ‘Tomorrow’ is a mellow slice of southern rock, whilst ‘Nightlife’ boasts hints of funk and reggae. ‘Driving’ drifts by as a wispy folk interlude and the full throttle ‘Cartoon Rock’ sounds like Houses of the Holy era Led Zeppelin on drugs… well, more drugs than normal anyway.

This Is Steve plays like a musical resume, detailing his eclectic tastes and diverse talents in a short space of time. As such the album can feel a bit cluttered at times, what with trying to pack so much in all at once. Granted it gives the album more of a flow and more cohesion, but there are times where I feel less is more. Delicate Steve is up there with the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani but he’s currently lacking a star to follow. Get him pointed in the right direction and this man could work miracles, but even in his current state as a diamond in the rough, playing any and every style that takes his fancy, there’s still plenty to find that will catch your interest.