Spotlight!: D E C O R U M

decorumI’m always on the lookout for fresh ideas, a trait that is becoming increasingly rare in modern music. One of the most intriguing new bands of the decade thus far has been Royal Blood thanks to their unique combination of just bass and drums and just a dash of technical wizardry. However this Brooklyn based band have gone one better and have thrown another bassist into the mix to create a fascinating interplay of sounds. The broody atmosphere is as much built around the empty spaces as it is around the dramatic bass tones, hypnotic rhythms and the trance-like vocals. There’s no denying that the end result sounds greater than the sum of its parts and portrays a grand, yet dark vignette. Their labyrinthine post punk is equal parts menacing and mournful as it pierces its way through the dense haze. The band themselves have an air of mystery around them to match their enigmatic gothic horror soundscapes. They have thus far maintained their veil of secrecy so that only the lucky few have been able to delve into their world, a lucky few that you should be a part of.

Fans of Joy Division, Preoccupations, Nick Cave and Algiers should check out their website.