Top Tracks: Joshua Luke Smith – Heart of Man

This incredibly insightful wordsmith is easily one of the most well spoken and kind-hearted people in music. He has already caught our attention with his spoken word song for World Suicide Prevention Day, as well releasing a collaborative track for World Aids Day. His latest endeavour ‘Heart of Man’ sends a simple message; be the change you want to see in the world. We cannot drive out the hate and misery that plague the world by fighting back with more of the same, we need to all look within our hearts and only in bettering ourselves can we hope to make a better world. All proceeds from downloads and streams will be donated towards the work of the Preemptive Love Coalition. Looking back at the past year I feel we need more people like Joshua Luke Smith in the world, but perhaps all we need to do is to take his message to heart and take inspiration from his love and compassion.