Spotlight!: Maximum High

maximum-highThe music world generally revolves around the output from the US and UK, so it comes as a pleasant surprise when you stumble across a band from elsewhere in the world; especially when they are at the kind of high standard as Greece’s own Maximum High. Playing around with the classic hard rock formula, all four band members put in a slick and confident performance. ‘Control My Love’ features some fantastic funky bass tones and the guitar work on ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ effortlessly shifts from furious solos to understated atmospheric interludes. The dependable drum work really grabs your attention on ‘Long Ago’ and frontwoman Irene Dimopoulou’s superb soulful vocals really make Maximum High stand out from the crowd. This is a band that blew my expectations out of the water, working together like a well oiled machine to produce a perfect example of what rock is all about. I just hope with the right exposure they can get their message out to the masses and get some rightly earned recognition for their dynamic debut release.

Fans of Rival Sons, The Answer and Saint Jude should check out their eponymous debut EP