Album Review: The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody

oczy_mlodyThe Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody

Psychedelic Rock | Electronica


We’ve all heard the expression “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but in certain circumstances album artwork can be a pretty good representation of the music contained within. In fact my first experience of The Flaming Lips was buying Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots based on the album artwork alone, and after taking a chance it remains to this day one of my favourite albums. It’s hard to imagine the same thing happening with Oczy Mlody as you’d struggle to think of less appealing album cover. The question is does it represent the music within? Sadly, it does. It’s no secret that The Lips have been in a rough patch for a good few years now. They went from one of the most off-the-wall and lovable bands around to essentially being Miley Cyrus’ unofficial backing band.

Oczy Mlody sounds like a band defeated. Despite such wacky titles as ‘One Night While Hunting For Faeries And Witches And Wizards To Kill’ and ‘Listening To The Frogs With Demon Eyes’ there is very little of their trademark whimsy left. About an hour of uninspired electronica ticks away with few points of interest to drag you away from the monotonous melancholy. I find myself too numb by the end to even complain about Miley’s appearance on the closing track. I knew it was a stretch to wish for a triumphant return to form, but listening to this latest offering gives no indication that the band are even heading in the right direction.