Album Review: Johnnyswim – Georgica Pond

johnnyswimJohnnyswim – Georgica Pond

Soul | Pop


There are two different sides at work here on the latest album from this heart-warming husband and wife duo. With tracks such as ‘Summertime Romance’ and ‘Let It Matter’ they bring together classic Motown and the best of modern pop to create slick and sophisticated hits with superb hooks. Crafting such universally likable songs is no easy task, but what is more remarkable are the little moments of vulnerability that give the album a real heartfelt connection. ‘Villains’ closes with a little demo snippet of the two creating the track and ‘Touching Heaven’ ends with them singing with their young son. It’s these moments that really make Georgica Pond stand out.

The album is a very understated affair, carried by the strength of its vocal harmonies. Abner and Amanda’s voices were simply made for each other. Despite this I find myself coming back to those moments, perhaps most notably in the title track, where Amanda takes centre stage as being the highlights of the record. There is little fault to be found here and plenty of gorgeous little nuances to explore. As I sit here on a bitterly cold winters day I find this album to be the finest beacon of warmth I could have asked for. This exciting upcoming duo have really set the standard with this latest release and are a perfect model of the kind of sublime soulful pop that should be topping the charts the world over.