Top Tracks: Miccoli – Idle Stranger

Sometimes, for no real reason that you can put your finger on, a song just naturally creates a scene in your mind. Listening to the latest single ‘Idle Stranger’ from this Birmingham band, for me conjures an image of someone breaking away in search of something more. Leaving their old life behind and leaping headfirst into the unknown, eager and anxious in equal measures. It’s the mark of a great song to make you feel something or tell a story in this way, even if the story is of your own making. This trio of siblings have paired bright cascading indie pop riffs with exemplary vocal harmonies to create a track that’s beautifully bittersweet. It weaves it’s way into your mind like the first light of dawn. Released 3rd March, it’s hard not to be moved by Miccoli’s melodious and soul-stirring new single.