Interview: Miccoli

miccoli interviewBelwood favourites Miccoli have been having a whirlwind 2019 thus far. The Birmingham based trio of siblings first won us over with the glowing melodies and infectious hooks of their debut EP 1/2 back in 2017. This year has already seen them release a full album and share the stage at packed out arenas up and down the country. It’s such a joy seeing them on the up and up, so we grabbed a moment out of their busy schedule for a quick catch up. Continue reading

Top Ten EPs of 2017

top ten epsWe’ve had top lists of singles and albums since the site started, but we’ve neglected an increasingly important part of the music industry: EPs. They are a chance for new artists to show the world what they are all about, and hence by looking at EPs we can see where music is headed and who might just be the next big thing. They also offer an opportunity for established artists to take a chance and explore something new without dedicating all their effort to a full album. Simply put, EPs are the lifeblood of the music industry, and here are the ones that impressed most in the past year:  Continue reading

Spotlight!: Miccoli

miccoli bandIt’s important within a band to have a strong bond, a deep connection of spirit and a sharing of ideas. It’s always been said that blood is thicker than water and few acts work in such perfect harmony as Miccoli, composed of twin brothers Alex and Adriano, and their sister Francesca. Weaving their voices together to craft a spellbinding display, an angelic chorus so rarely found in indie pop, they have produced one of the most promising EPs of the year. ‘Idle Stranger’ is a late night anthem to lead the way when you find yourself lost in life, while the slow burning ‘Undo’ show Miccoli’s ethereal harmonies at their best. The suitably bright and uplifting ‘Lights’ is a finely crafted hit in the making and the stripped back ‘Devices’ builds an intricate and fragile cathedral of sound from the sparsest of arrangements. This band of siblings have a clear idea of who they want to be, and if they carry on the legacy of their first EP then they are sure to win over new fans everywhere they go.

Miccoli’s debut EP 1/2 is out 12th May and is a must for fans of The Staves, Ben Howard, Amber Run and early Bon Iver

Top Tracks: Miccoli – Idle Stranger

Sometimes, for no real reason that you can put your finger on, a song just naturally creates a scene in your mind. Listening to the latest single ‘Idle Stranger’ from this Birmingham band, for me conjures an image of someone breaking away in search of something more. Leaving their old life behind and leaping headfirst into the unknown, eager and anxious in equal measures. It’s the mark of a great song to make you feel something or tell a story in this way, even if the story is of your own making. This trio of siblings have paired bright cascading indie pop riffs with exemplary vocal harmonies to create a track that’s beautifully bittersweet. It weaves it’s way into your mind like the first light of dawn. Released 3rd March, it’s hard not to be moved by Miccoli’s melodious and soul-stirring new single.