Album Review: Holy Holy – Paint

holy-holy-paintHoly Holy – Paint

Indie Rock


With their debut album When The Storms Would Come, Australian band Holy Holy pulled off one of the highest ever scoring albums on Belwood Music. It was one of the strongest debuts in years, it had two of the best guitar solos of the decade, and the band left the rest of the indie scene in their wake. That is a tough act to follow. It seems the band felt certain that lightning doesn’t strike twice, and have therefore drastically changed their sound. The soaring guitars have mostly been replaced with 80s style synths, in a move that is best likened to fellow Aussies Tame Impala with their latest album Currents. Unlike their contemporaries however, Holy Holy have failed to pull it off.

Rather than an evolution of their sound, it feels like they are completely turning their back on everything that made the debut so great. It sounds like an entirely different band. The crystal clear riffs and the bright guitar tone are mostly gone, instead favouring some fuzzy feedback. The few moments where the indie riffs make an appearance, most notably in ‘Elevator’ and album highlight ‘True Lovers’, they are all too often buried beneath the retro synths. I can understand why the band decided to shake things up, but the end result does not live up to expectations. Perhaps it is just a case of the well documented curse of the second album, and they will soon be back to the high standard of their previous work, but for the moment this promising new band have severely lost their way.