Top Tracks: The Lunar Year – Porcelain

How often can you say, in all honesty, that a song took your breath away? That was exactly what happened when I first heard ‘Porcelain’, I daren’t do anything to disturb the divine calm of this song’s delicate beauty. This heavenly piano ballad is the kind of track that pulls you into a trance and makes you forget the rest of the world exists. Philadelphia band The Lunar Year have crafted a song that captures the atmosphere of confession, that fragile moment when you first tell someone that you love them. When you are at your most vulnerable, when you risk your whole world falling apart, but you cannot keep that long overdue declaration of devotion within you for even a second longer. Listening to this song, it’s difficult to tell whether it reminds you of being in love, or whether it’s making you fall in love all over again.