Spotlight!: Scott Lloyd

There are many different subtle shades that are all covered by the “singer/songwriter” label. No matter which nuanced little subcategory may take your fancy, Manchester based artist Scott Lloyd is sure to deliver what you’re looking for with his new EP. ‘In The Garden’, with its fleshed-out indie sound, hints of harmonica and nostalgia driven lyrics, is reminiscent of Billy Bragg and comes across as quintessentially British. The irresistible melody of ‘Four Cities’ is textbook Billy Joel, the bright, heartwarming ‘Lavender’ brings to mind John Denver with its rich lyrical imagery, and ‘Wild Flower’ sees Scott stepping into darker, alternative territory. It’s on ‘Cornish Coast’ however where everything comes together and we see Scott at his very best. It’s the kind of song that could equally be the soundtrack of a bright new dawn, eagerly ushering in whatever adventure awaits on the horizon, or of a forlorn longing for summers long since passed. Scott’s honest and uncompromising songwriting has exceeded my expectations and his music is sure to be a rewarding listen for indie folk fans.

Scott Lloyd’s latest EP In The Garden is out 9th March for fans of Jake Bugg, Dry The River and Tom Odell