Top Tracks: LAOISE – Halfway

The latest single from upcoming Irish electropop artist LAOISE is a track that seeps its way into the inner workings of your mind. ‘Halfway’ draws you in with its breathy vocals, subtle mystical vibes and bewitching melodies. It’s a song that refuses to be ignored, pulling you in deeper like some siren luring you towards the shore. It’s ethereal atmosphere, somewhere between Halsey and Stevie Nicks, suddenly shifts towards the end of the track into seductive R&B territory, with soulful organ soundscapes and understated funky bass lines. Both of the distinct styles that ‘Halfway’ explores are superbly executed and perfectly matched to produce one of the most gorgeous and engaging singles of the year. If this track is anything to go by, then we can expect great things from this immensely talented Galway girl in the near future.