Top Tracks: Levy & The Oaks – Out Of The Blue

New Jersey based indie folk outfit Levy & The Oaks are back with their new single. ‘Out Of The Blue’, the title track of their upcoming EP out 19th May, shares a message of giving both yourself and others a bit of love, patience and understanding when times get tough. Starting out with a sparse folk arrangement, the band then bring an anthemic indie pop chorus into play, the kind that stays with you for days at a time, before catching you off-guard in the closing moments of the track with a hearty dose of electropop synths. Levy & The Oaks refuse to be pigeonholed with this latest track that seems equally at home as a festival anthem, or as a fireside sing-a-long for those long summer nights. It’s the kind of song that will end up being important to many different people, all for very different reasons.