Spotlight!: Ophelia

ophelia photo

Photo by Ev Sekkides

All music fans love the thrill of finding something special, and watching it grow and blossom like some proud parent. Although very much still in the early stages of their career, transatlantic Americana duo Ophelia already display the kind of confidence and professionalism that most bands don’t earn until several albums down the line. Samuel Taylor and Rebecca Van Cleave bring together a wealth of different experiences and influences, and weave them into their own rich musical tapestry. On tracks like ‘A Little Too Late’ with it’s driving rhythm, and the bright folk pop of ‘Whip Of The Wheel’ with it’s strategic splashes of harmonica, Becca and Sam take turns in the spotlight and bring some big, memorable hooks with them. When they join forces however their sound takes a different, but no less captivating, turn. The dark blues, skittering percussion and bewitching harmonies of ‘I Can’t Dream About You Anymore’ sounds like some lost collaboration between Nick Cave and Feist, while the mournful, violin framed duet of ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ plays like a pleading love letter between two broken souls. Ophelia have won my heart and I’m excited to see where this road takes them, but even more so to be part of the journey.

Fans of Ryan Adams, James Bay, Feist and Alabama Shakes should catch Ophelia on their UK tour.